Shop Approval List EN

A Barion wikiből
A lap korábbi változatát látod, amilyen Pacsirszkyt (vitalap | szerkesztései) 2018. október 11., 12:16-kor történt szerkesztése után volt.

  • The website fulfills the HTTPS protocol expectations.
  • The Barion logo is placed on the main (opening) page of the shop.
  • The Barion logo is placed on the payment user interface.
  • Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement/Notice are available, and reachable from the website.
  • The name of the enterprise, that sells the products/services is contained in the Terms & Conditions.
  • The Terms & Conditions cantains Barion as the payment service provider.
  • The technical integration of the Barion Payment Gateway is done and is operating.
  • The products/services are available (meaning that we can shop at the website).
  • The customer is informed about the Terms&Conditions in the shopping process and has to agree (checkbox is available).
  • For the simplified identification of the company we need the following documents:
    • Founding document of the enterprise,
    • Personal document of the representative person (e.g. director, CEO...)

Please upload these documents at the Barion web application (