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This article is incomplete. It may change significantly without any notice, so don't rely on any content you find here yet. Please check back later.
This feature is not yet available!

Payment Buttons are the name of the payment method that provides payment via bank transfer. This means that a customer can choose to pay for the goods via a prepared bank transfer.

The Process

TODO: Describe the process

How can I apply for this feature?

TODO: Describe application process

What are the technical requirements for this?

To be able to use this feature there are number of things that you have to make sure of.

Providing additional customer information

For this feature it is mandatory to provide two additional fields in the body of the /Payment/Start request:

  • PayerHint: The e-mail address of the customer
  • PayerPhoneNumber: The phone number of the customer

Available only for EUR and CZK

This feature is only available for payments conducted in CZK or EUR. For all other currencies this option will be hidden.

Available only for Immediate payments

At the moment we only support immediate payment scenarios, later the reservation/escrow scenario will be supported as well. Until then in reservation scenarios the gateway will not offer the payment button funding source for the customer.