Risky and Prohibited Activities

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What are the products or services that we do consider risky and thus the chances of approval are smaller or set to specific conditions?

The following business activities are highly risky and the approval process will take more time:

  • erotic articles
  • weapons
  • alcohol
  • tobacco
  • e-cigarettes
  • games
  • web hosting
  • cosmetics
  • nutritional supplements
  • medicinal products
  • traveling
  • ticketing
  • financial services
  • coupons and vouchers
  • crowdfunding
  • special business models
  • precious metals
  • MLM

In these cases, you should expect providing us extra documents or certain permissions and answering some of our questions. If the selling goods and services need a combination of licenses and/or permits (etc.: cosmetics, nutritional supplements, precious metals, alcohol), please upload the related documents in your Barion wallet/ Customer Center as a new remark (etc: permits/licenses from the relevant state authorities/institution) click here to upload: https://secure.barion.com/Remark. If the selling of the products or services are not obliged to obtain any licenses, please also let us know.

What kind of prohibited products / services are not acceptable and we do not sign a contract?

You are not allowed to use Barion services to accept payments related to the following businesses and business activities:

  • illegal products
  • adult content
  • drugs
  • certain telemarketing companies
  • counterfeit goods or services
  • cryptocurrencies
  • certain dating services
  • gambling
  • extremist groups or sects
  • pseudoscience
  • quackery
  • misleading webpages