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Detailed payment transaction structure

This structure represents a detailed description of a payment transaction of a payment. This is similar to the PaymentTransaction structure, but it contains more information about the transaction.

API usage

This structure is used by the following API endpoints:

Property list

Property name Property type Description
TransactionId Guid The unique identifier of the transaction generated by the Barion system.
POSTransactionId string The unique identifier of the transaction at the shop that started the payment.
TransactionTime Timestamp The timestamp of the transaction.
Total decimal The original amount of the transaction. This is determined upon payment creation and is not affected by any later events (e.g. finishing a reservation with a lower amount, or refunding a payment).
Currency string The 3 character ISO 4217 currency code of the transaction.
Payer UserInformation The user that paid the transaction.
Payee UserInformation The user that received the money from the transaction.
Status TransactionStatus The current status of the transaction. This is NOT the same as the status of the payment itself.
TransactionType TransactionType The type of the transaction.
Items Item[] The items included in the transaction.
RelatedId Guid The identifier of the related transaction, if it exists. For example, additional fee transactions have the identifier of the original payment transaction in this field.
POSId Guid The public identifier of the shop that created the payment.