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Company registration information

This structure represents details about an organization that is registered in the Barion system.

API usage

This structure is used by the following API endpoints:

Property list

Property name Property type Description
PublicId Guid The public identifier of the register data. This is to be used at the remote identification API call.
RegistrationNumber string The registration number of the organization
OrganizationName string The full name of the organization
OrganizationShortName string The short name of the organization
HeadQuarter AddressInfo Address of the registered HQ of the organization
PostalAddress AddressInfo The postal / mailing address of the organization
MainActivity string The area of work the organization represents
MainActivityCode string TEÁOR-08 stardard code for the area of work (Hungary only!)
TaxNumber string The TAX / VAT number of the organization
Branch string Information about the branch office (if applicable)
Ownership string Ownership type of the organization (if applicable)
RegisteredAt DateTime The registration timestamp of the organization
DeletedAt DateTime The time of the liquidation of the organization (if applicable)
DeletionMode string Information about the liquidation method of the organization (if applicable)
Note string Any miscellaneous information for the organization
Representatives RepresentativeInfo[] List of representatives of the organization
Members MemberInfo[] List of members of the organization